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Builder Purchasing Agent Corp.
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We are cost control specialists, providing confidential cost control services for every project you build. Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • identifying all subcontractors and suppliers for each job cost category
  • providing a job budget backed by written bids
  • Our cost controls can help you save time and money during construction
  • Our program has been developed through over 30-years of working with builders, buyers, subcontractors, and suppliers

Are you getting more than one competitive bid for all the cost items in your budget?

Do you have written specifications for each job cost item in your budget?

Do you have time to price construction changes quickly and easily?

Are you confident you can take your budget to the bank?

Managing Relationships:

Our relationships with buyers, subcontractors, and material suppliers provide valuable cost savings for your project.
  • Preliminary Budgets
  • Coordination
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Written Bid Specs
  • Pre-Qualified Bidders
  • Job Cost Analysis
  • and more . . .

Job Book Organization :

Control your costs and organize everything from bid specs to finish schedules with our exclusive job book.