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While our specific fees vary with the size and design of each plan, the standard fee averages between 35 and 50 cents per square foot. We will quote fees without obligation at the time of our first meeting. Rates for bidding multiple plans simultaneously will vary, depending on the size and design of the plans. We will quote specific multi-plan fees upon request

Service Times ::

The usual time required to write the specifications and complete the bidding averages two to three weeks (2-3), when we are provided with the following for each plan:

Prints - a list of print sets required to complete the bidding process will be provided.
Specification guidelines from the builder on the type of construction, design and finish out of each plan.
Lists of subcontractors and suppliers the builder wants to include in the bidding process.
Instructions from the builder on how to handle any questions about payment terms from subcontractors/suppliers during the bidding process.
Procedure or contract form that the builder will use to place new subcontractor/suppliers under contract.

When our work is completed, we meet with you to provide you a copy of the completed bids and specifications for each plan. This will include a detailed, construction-ready budget with copies of the actual bids of recommended subcontractor/suppliers as well as other information organized in our job book.