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  • Preliminary job budgets to assist you in obtaining financing or selling cost-plus or build jobs
  • Coordination of foundation and architectural design
  • Competitive bidding and negotiation for all cost items in your job budget
  • Written bid specifications to meet your requirements
  • Pre-qualified bidders combining your preferred sub-contractors and suppliers with other proven subs/suppliers of equal quality and capabilities
  • Accurate takeoffs for all materials you supply
  • Job budgets detailing all costs related to a job with updates as required
  • Cost of construction changes calculated for your immediate response
  • Job cost analysis after closing to identify and understand any construction cost overruns
  • Value engineering to meet your individual needs
Managing relationship with buyers


  • Preliminary budgets and schedules based on preliminary plans! Used by builders to develop sales prices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  • General outline specification forms and schedules! Completed by builder to detail items included in the project. Can be used as a part of the contract agreement form with the buyer.
  • Color selection forms! Used by the interior designer and the buyer to detail all exterior and interior finishes and areas. Provides guidelines established by General Specifications and Schedules. This can also become part of the contract with buyer.
  • Change order forms! Used before and during construction to price all changes and upgrades not included in the General Specifications and Schedules or on the architectural plans
    • CHANGE ORDER WORKSHEET FORM. Used internally by builder to itemize all costs related to a change order or upgrade and used to develop sales price. Note: In the Dallas/Fort Worth area we provide all cost data as required.
    • CHANGE ORDER FORM. Details nature of change order or upgrade, with pricing, construction time delays, method of payment by buyer... ETC. This can become part of the contract of sale and is signed by builder and buyer.

Managing relationship with subcontractors and material suppliers ::

  • Bid specifications! Used to provide scope of the work and detailed instructions to subcontractors and suppliers to ensure competitive bidding and to eliminate disputes during construction. Developed from information noted in General Specifications and information shown on the architectural plans.
  • Unit price quote forms! Used to promote competition among major material suppliers, including lumber suppliers and millwork suppliers.
    : In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we routinely request and receive periodic unit price quotes from several lumber suppliers. The price quotes are good for a specific time period and the supplier with the best unit prices is used as the primary lumber supplier during that time period.
  • Contract agreement forms! Basic format for general agreement between the builder and subcontractor or builder and supplier (vendor). It should be altered by the builder and/or the builder's attorney to meet individual requirements and prevailing codes.

Controlling costs with our job book ::

The job book is a loose-leaf notebook used as a primary resource for building each project from start to finish. The job book will contain:
  • Cover sheet
  • Square footage breakdown
  • Construction sequence schedule
  • Telephone call log
  • Room finish schedule
  • Tops, tubs and shower finish schedules
  • Allowance schedule
  • Job budget

    The balance of the book is divided into several sections for easy reference. Each section includes:
  • Bid tabulation sheets
  • Bidding specifications
  • Note that in the Dallas/Fort Worth area the actual bids are included at this point in the job book and are noted on the bid tabulation sheets. Updates for bids are required from time to time and are faxed or emailed to the builder to be inserted into the job book
  • Additional related information can be inserted in the job book, such as color selection sheets, change orders, etc. The job book will contain all the information required to process and/or approve invoices and build the project